The speed at which technology develops can leave many teachers and support staff feeling left behind, or at the very least, faced with a vast amount of new tools at their fingertips and it can be difficult to know quite where to start. Children are often miles in front of school staff when it comes to their use of the web and it can be difficult to compete for their attention.

One of the ways schools have been embracing technology and the Internet in the classroom is the use of blogging. Schools around the world have been using this technology in creative ways to boost pupil confidence and achievement both academically and socially.

A blog is a website with individual entries, or ‘posts’ on any subject and has the facility for users and readers to comments. Posts can be text, links, audio or visual and there are many ways that blogs can be used in schools, from class blogs to the office updating the status of snow days. However you choose to use this technology is down to you.