There are many free and paid-for blogging services available for schools to use. The method used may be driven by financial reasons, time or expertise.

Free sites such as WordPress or Blogger are available for anyone in the world to sign up for. There are many designs of site to choose from in order to personalise the layout and content of the blog. Blogs can be set up by individuals or there are companies available that will provide this service for you, some of which specialise in school users like Creative Blogs.

There are also services that are dedicated to school users such as Makewaves. These may have a free basic package and charge for additional features/space. The benefit of these services is that they often have a built in audience plus features and events like competitions aimed at schools.

There are pros and cons to each system so it is a good idea to have a look at what your school might want from blogging.


Whichever service you use, there are features that ensure the safety of pupils. Blog posts and comments can be set to be moderated by staff before they appear online and no service will require pupils to use full or real names. Schools can access online safety education from services such as Safe.