A frequent response to the idea of blogging in class seems to be “But when will we get the time to do any of that”. There are a couple of points to answer this.

The first is that not everything has to be blogged. If you decide that you want to use a class blog as a display board and select best work to be published once a term, that is fine. If pupils get lots of comments on their work and want to blog more as a result, it’s entirely in your hands. Many teachers seem to find that the majority of blogging is done by pupils in their own time and all that is required is moderating posts and comments.

The second point is that blogging doesn’t have to be an additional task, it can be used instead of other activities. If you want pupils to write a profile of a famous person or showcase class art work, do it on your blog. It may be that instead of a booklet of writing with a few printed pictures, a pupil can produce an interactive post with links to websites and audio clips. As a result, parents and carers will be able to access their child’s work at any time and pupils will have a global audience.

Have a look at the resources available and think about where they could fit into your existing curriculum.